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Re: just got an ipod - conversion help

If you want to use the QuickTime AAC encoder, want to control the bitrate or want to go straight to ALAC (Apple Lossless) then you should install the QuickTime Flac component and QTConvert. As long as the FLACs' filenames are no longer than 32 characters (including extension) you can just drop a batch (set prefs first) of FLACs on the QTConvert icon and select the output format of your choice. ALAC is found in the QuickTime Movie option, AAC in MPEG-4 and if you choose Hinted Movie and uncheck "Make Movie Self Contained", the tiny MOV file created allows you to play FLACs in iTunes without converting.
You can also drag FLACs straight into Toast's Audio window and it'll decompress & burn on the fly.
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