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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by robkismet
I'm gonna drag this back on topic because I meant to post the following ages ago. In addition to archiving seeded filesets (obviously), I also archive everything as a disc image with cuesheet, if for no reason other than that I like this. Plus it means that I don't have to actually split up my masters, which still make up a large portion of what I'm backing up. Addawav is a fantastic little utility that joins together a group of wave files, making it dead easy to combine a fileset into a disc image with no CDR stage. Cuesheet can then be made (yes, I retrack literally every show I download because, well, I do!), and the image converted to FLAC and burnt to DVD. Hooray
Good ideas. I generally don't retrack before burning because I'll do a track layout in CD Architect with all my edits and crossfades (if necessary). I'll save the .cdp files and hope I can find them later . My problem with your method of archiving (for my situation) is that it involves way too much work, given the number of shows I collect. I burn a very small percentage of shows, and the increase of archive space necessary with the addition of image/cue files would be extreme.
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