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Re: Increasing UL speed

Just a note which may or may not be applicable here. I had Comcast for a few months back in the summer of last year. They rated my upstream at 256 Kbps, which means I should have gotten around 24 KBps up on my BTs. I was never getting above 10K, and when I did it would drag everyone else on the network to a complete stop to the point where they couldn't even browse web pages. I had service technicians there 4 different times. Once they rebablanced the amplifier in our building, once they replaced the modem, once they adjusted the amplifier on the street, and once they just sat there and tested the lines repeatedly, each time resulting in a perfect line.

They would visit a test web page and prove that I was indeed getting the max rated speeds on simple upload and download, but every time after I turned on BT, the same behavior. I have friends on Comcast who are able to BT perfectly, so I really don't know what the problem was.

Needless to say, I cancelled Comcast because they couldn't fix them problem and provide me with a broadband connection which I could BT on...
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