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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by Wizardry007 View Post
Normally I'd go with give them a few warnings but I'm seriously reconsidering now.
Okay so many people might not see it as an effort putting up a show but it is to me. So I'm seeding a show of my own today and see the 5th person completing just hit 100% and then close the client. I decide to check out his ratio and it shows:
Downloaded: 715.17 GB Uploaded: 55.61 GB Ratio: 0.08

Now maybe I'm just pissed that he didnt stick around to help seed my show, but with a ratio of 0.08 after 700+ GB downloaded it looks like that's his MO. People like that arent really helping the community and there should be restrictions to prevent people like that from leeching away...

...........// pissed of seeder....

Originally Posted by ijwthstd View Post
Someone wrote me asking me to reseed a Metallica show and I dug it out and put it back on my computer and started seeding and added this note

"Once you have this please keep it open a while, I have some stuff I want to put up in the morning so I will probably shut this down and delete it again."

When I woke up in the morning, the person who wrote me had grabbed it and stopped seeding never to return while others had jumped on.

Originally Posted by possessed View Post's OK to search and download whatever you want( got plenty of time for that!), but can't "find the time" to leave your client open to give back. Funny how other tapers I've seen have ratios of 2, 5, 56 and higher. You might wanna ask them how they "find time."

..... excuses are legendary...........

well.. not much sense in adding to the fray...

but being new here I too caught on quick back in Oct 08...

It was thanks to some member here? who I talked to in person at the Buckethead concert in Charlotte, NC that I came here expecting to get a copy of his great taping setup I witnessed.

while I waited the 30 days for ISO... and after D/L some buckethead & that1guy & Les Claypool downloads.. I began seeding..

but its like the guys above me said..
it infuriates me to no end to see all the leechers who have downloaded and
NEVER come back to seed..

case in point:

The above URL is the one I have witnessed many downloads I have helped since getting it myself but the seeders (peer)list never grows... nab it and run it seems...

a courteous message to any current down loader of a seed I am helping with requesting that they in turn seed the download they finish for at least 3 days if not a week or more would be highly appreciated by me and the rest of TTD people like themselves.
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