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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Gee, my comments were solely based on the premise of the thread, NOW I read all the hyperbole and flaming and some of it's really funny. I'm kinda starting to feel like I wish I hadn't seen this thread at all. personally my upload is capped at 35, and I may jump off one torrent with tons of seeders to jump on something else or to maintain a ratio at a site that enforces. But I'm also probably gonna share that show with you, if it's worthy and if you want it. So would my puny upload speed be more valuable sitting in a torrent with lots of seeders until I hit 1:1, or is it more valuable obtaining something to share, and if noone else out there jumps in to help seed I will have to upload well over 1:1 before any peers go to seed? I say the latter is a better use of my bandwidth. For you as well as me. The funny thing is, almost everytime I upload a show a seeder or 2 pops up and helps bring it home. My point is Why don't They upload the show instead, so that I can jump on and help out. And yes I end up on torrents all the time with very low amounts of seeders +/or peers. Those I will not jump off of and will frequently go over 1:1 I also disagree that upload credits should be segregated from upload stats. I'm talking about incentive to contribute. Hell sites like Zomb give you upload credits for donating. Actually buying a ratio! I just don't see how a person with no uploads or a few can bang on someone with dozens! That person is definitely not thoughtless. THOUGHTLESS was the point of this thread. To me thoughtless is D/L 200 gigs, U/L 12 or 22 gigs with no uploads. having a .25 or .45 or whatever less than 1 if you have shared dozens of torrents just doesn't fall into thoughtless, and folks that bust chops on someone in that category are wrong to do so IMO. I honestly would not change my mind if I got U-verse tomorrow with 18megs, that I see on TV. Sure my ratio would go up, hell without even trying actually. But I still would hold the seeder of 50 or 80 shows in higher esteem than someone with a 4.5 ratio that has shared nothing. Someone stated how simple that is to do. That's right it is. Thoughtless even, for it takes no effort. In my experience Uploading is far too much of a chore for the vast majority. They choose to not learn how, so they simply don't understand that it does require some effort, and give no credit to those that do. Bottom line any enforcement above .25 is a bad idea, and simply counterproductive. Maybe folks should think more about the good they themselves do and less about what others do. Unless someone leaves people hangin with no seed. Then they deserve to be drilled
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