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Re: Remaster Category and No More Names! Xontar is right on.

Originally Posted by Xontar View Post
In order:

1. Sound quality != fidelity.

2. Anyone can apply the same changes you do to your sources when playing them back - I have to anyway, and I'd be astounded if there's many people who don't put on your recordings and have to, at minimum, twiddle the bass and treble knobs on their speakers to get better sound for their setup - same as they'd have to do with the original source.

3. Can you at least tell me the source of your Rochester recording? Your lineage of "AUD>?>FLAC" has, somehow, fallen short of convincing me of the superiority of your source.

4. Where, and by whom, is longliverock known for inferior sources and multiple remastered recordings being uploaded? I can, simply by clicking on the link to your profile, find 28 almost certainly redundant "remastered" recordings on The Traders' Den, but I see no such thing on longliverock. I can think of one instance (Dallas 1967) when they posted an improved source after seeding an inferior one - the day after, in fact, as soon as someone gave them the better source. Not quite the same as digging up a source that's gone off the tracker, applying some EQ, renaming the files and uploading it with your name the only one in the text file.

5. You and I both know god damned well there will always be people to download the new torrents at the top of the list. Doesn't mean your "remasters" are a good thing.
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