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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
Very intelligent comment in a very dumb thread marksg. New content carries no weight here. I, as well as others have brought it up before, only to have that notion shot down. One would like to think that fresh content was an important factor in the quality of this site. Look at all the tired torrents in the video section that are inflating members ratios. People just bump old shit to the top, or grab it at dime and recycle it...I would seed much more here if it resulted in some sort of upload credit, as I am capped at 50 kb/s up.
Thanks for support of my comments, the only point I would make is that I myself am guilty of "recycling" as you call it, stuff from Dime etc...I find that a worthwhile endeavor as a lot of people can't obtain memberships [or don't try, whatever]. I'm not at your level, authoring fresh content. I just don't have the time and/or quality equip to do that. I refer to it as "regifting" but I still feel it's a step up from someone who sits on a torrent with 50 other seeders. Great the peers get to seed in a few hours instead of a day or 2. Is that more productive than bringing new content [whether the seeder has taped/authored it or merely carried it over from another site]? IMO it is not. All it does is favor the people with the fastest connections. Now I'm not talking about the person that downs a couple hundred gigs and has uploaded 20, that's total BS. Does it make sense however to ban that person? I dunno, they may make a valuable contribution at some point. Limiting the number of torrents they can be on to 1 or 2 might be viable. But I do think this thread is kinda dumb, cuz it's creating a problem where none really exists. All this is about is emotions. Some people get real upset over this subject, and they do have a right to feel, something. Forcing every member to have a smoking fat pipe hooked up to their m/c however is simply stupid, as is making them sit on a torrent for weeks, when their couple kb's doesn't amount to a tick on a cow's ass. Give credit/reward for deeds well done, rather than disciplining for poorer performance. This creates an incentive for people to do better.
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