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Re: .OGG VBR Quality 10 ~400kbit/s lossyness analysis

I just took a look at all this stuff.

One thing worth trying is setting the FFT on the EAC FA to maximum. Then you might see some of what analfreq is showing, altho I think analfreq will probably provide a better analysis anyways.

The SA for the OGG VBR Quality 10 is pretty hard to spot... it looks a little grainier and there's that little dropoff in the right channel as you pointed out.

It might be worth trying some of the other progs like Audacity and Audition (audition can still do SA after the demo has expired). Lossy at the highest quality settings is pretty difficult to spot. The artifacts are the most subtle. When you're using SA it's worth it to do a little zooming in and out to see if the blocks come into focus.

Again, watch out for EAC when it comes to analysis... check this thread (follow it to pg2).

The show looked clean in EAC but then when checked with other progs it was very obvious it was lossy-sourced.

There's some more links here...

I would love to find a reliable way to spot lossy sources encoded at the highest quality settings. Right now it's really hard to tell, even with the before and after analysis right in front of me.
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