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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

This is just my second post even though I have been a member since '05. Since the mod have stated that no one will be banned for a low ratio solely, why has the question been changed to: under what conditions does a person's low ratio come into consideration for banning. This is the plan that I have come up with that I think covers most the bases.

First off the new member deficit/stale torrent dls:
Give all new members a trial period of 40 GB to catch up and learn how to torrent properly. This is the equivalent of 10 dvd or 40 audio shows. During this period have automatically generated emails/pm's with tips such as firewall/ port forwarding and other help links. At the end of this period zero both up and download stats. They are now full members. This gives them nothing new but the responsibility of sharing.

The second issue that I see is the vine/b&p:
This is easily fixed with a bot or a volunteer. Once a vine is closed give credit to all but the last person in the vine equal to the MB of the show. There is a time lag from the dl to the close of the vine triggering a tally and credit received. Such Is the nature of non digital trading. This is work unless a bot can be easily programed at a decent price, but is very doable.

This is just a thought process by no means a complete system and I know that other bugs and problems will arise. Under these conditions I see no reason that a person not wanting to be solely a leach would have a problem keeping above a .25 ratio. If they slip below this an email/pm before banning would be considerate.

My .02
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