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.OGG VBR Quality 10 ~400kbit/s lossyness analysis

could be me being stupid and noobish but:

i was messing around with convert a lossless file into different lossy formats and back and analysing them in EAC and i did this with .OGG VBR Quality 10 ~400kbit/s and at first it looked identical to the original file in the spectrum and freq, i did a couple of analysis' of lower bitrates to see what to look for and went back to the 400 and just noticed a very slight variable trim at the top of the right channel on the spectrum but the freq was normal, i then did both channels in AnalFreq and saw the dip at end on the right channel. is that all there is to spot .ogg compresion at this level cus i wouldn't spot that ordinarily or are these programs not good enough etc. thanks
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