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Re: I retracked a show!

a lot of ppl can't even tell the diff between lossless and lossy.

I've seen a couple threads recently were somebody has pointed out a "pop" sound in a show followed by a page of posts saying "I can't hear it" followed by "Okay, I listened to that portion 20 times and now I can hear it."

One of these situations happened on another site, where I was suggesting to the seeder they should use EAC since it gives error reports which can point out errors that not all of us can hear. My take on it is that when we've got the technology to make more perfect copies, let's use it!

So the cdr generation is of little consequence especially when it has been checked over carefully by the person who made the transfer, then ripped with EAC. That having been said, the TTD philosophy is to strive towards the highest level of perfection whenever possible, and it is for this reason that wazoo2u keeps belaboring these finer details.

A transfer made to a standalone and ripped with EAC is perfectly fine with the current TTD standards.
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