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FLAC Frontend

Ok, I've always used md5summer, but I want to start using flac frontend and shntool.

I finally got shntool to spit out an md5 text file. I couldn't get the batch file in the massive help pages to work, the only thing I could get to work is to have the shntool files copied to the show directory then run a command prompt and use this "shntool md5 *.shn>>shntool.md5.txt" and of course change it to flac for flac files. Worked just fine. So in order for someone down the road, say on a vine, to check the files is to run shntool like this "shntool md5 *.shn" and compare the output to my file?

On the subject of making a flac fingerprint using FLAC Frontend, I read through everything, but when I ran the app, my screen doesn't have the "Fingerprint" button as pictured in the info given here -

So what I'm wondering, am I missing something or do I need to try and find an older version of flac frontend?

Here is exactly what mine looks like. It's the latest version out, the one linked to on the help page.

Thanks for all the great info, I know I love music, but I also know I still have plenty to learn about the trading of it....this after getting over 400 shows from STG.
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