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Re: Mandatory screenshots?

Originally Posted by Homebrew101 View Post
I think if screenshots were mandatory, then audio samples for audio boots would be a must, not that I don't appreciate screens and mp3 samples.

Originally Posted by rspencer View Post
I'd be all for that personally.
So would I.

Thanks for all the opinions. I know there's no simple solution. I've cut off downloads after getting enough to see an example, and finding out it wasn't 'up to snuff' for me. Done the same with audio torrents. I've also seen videos with bitrates of 4000 that look and sound far superior to video with bitrates of 8000 - not to mention pro-shot and even studio releases that were horrendous (the Police Synchronicity show is a good example of a bad dvd). I just felt that if we demand full disclosure of spec and lineage, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to get a sample, even though it might be 'massaged' to show or sound favorable.
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