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Re: Should we ban thoughtless leechers?

Normally I'd go with give them a few warnings but I'm seriously reconsidering now.
Okay so many people might not see it as an effort putting up a show but it is to me. So I'm seeding a show of my own today and see the 5th person completing just hit 100% and then close the client. I decide to check out his ratio and it shows:
Downloaded: 715.17 GB Uploaded: 55.61 GB Ratio: 0.08

Now maybe I'm just pissed that he didnt stick around to help seed my show, but with a ratio of 0.08 after 700+ GB downloaded it looks like that's his MO. People like that arent really helping the community and there should be restrictions to prevent people like that from leeching away...

So to sum it up... lets set a minimum ratio with a DL loft.... like after downloading 50GB you need to have a ratio of minimum 0.75...

// pissed of seeder....
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