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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by Lou
An extra CDR doesn't mean degradation in how the music sounds. It just means there's a chance that errors creep in. I contend one extra CDR in the lineage, when it's all under your control and you've listened to it to make sure, doesn't make any difference in sound quality.
This statement is simply untrue.

You really need to study a bit about CD technology and the hard numbers that make up the magic of digital audio. Errors occur that you cannot hear or see in the process. Jitter and Bit Error Rates both have an effect on the sound purity. Why do you think that there is such an emphasis placed on using EAC for DAE ?? These issues have already been studied and discussed at length in the technical community. I know it doesn't sound logical to you, but you need to account for the science of the technology before you let logic be your guide.

Read this: before you go any further in your deductions.
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