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Re: I retracked a show!

Originally Posted by uhclem
I don't have an opinion one way or the other on the standalone vs PC issue, but the above quote is simply false. The audio and the digital data are one and the same thing.
What I meant to say is that unlike tape generations, going from CDR generation to CDR generation doesn't reduce the highs or make the speed incorrect or introduce hiss. So if you burn something from one CDR to the next, the quality theoretically should be perfect. I contend that if you are in control of the whole process, and you listen to the CDR and it's fine, then it shouldn't matter that one CDR was in the lineage. Whereas it matters one hell of a lot if an extra tape was in the lineage years ago.

An extra CDR doesn't mean degradation in how the music sounds. It just means there's a chance that errors creep in. I contend one extra CDR in the lineage, when it's all under your control and you've listened to it to make sure, doesn't make any difference in sound quality.
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