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Re: Mandatory screenshots?

I'd not make it mandatory but anybody uploading an audience video or a VHS transfer should feel obliged to post screenshots or youtube samples - they are lower quality and mono but at least give the idea what to expect.

It's very easy to make a screenshot on Windows. I use Media Player Classic which does it automatically.

Below is a batch file I use for conversion to youtube format from a video container (avi, mpg, mp4). Save it as text file with extension .bat. It uses freeware and very good ffmpeg encoder.

ffmpeg -i name_of_your_video.file -ar 22050 -ab 96k -ac 1 -f flv -s 320240 -qscale 9 name_of the_output_file.flv
qscale 9 is a compression factor - lower number gives better quality but of course bigger files. For youtube usable values start from 6, however, youtube very often re-converts uploaded file.

You may also try to change video resolution from 320240 to max. allowed 640x480.
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