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... and another point to consider about the whole DTS thing is this: it's, yet again, akin to AC3 audio... sure, on Hollywood DVDs an AC3 audio track can (and often do) sound absolutely terrific. but even a soundboard patch -> XLRs and other connectors -> stereo DAT recording isn't going to have quite the quality of "professional audio" where they have multiple tracks (at least one for every instrument + vocals + audience nosie to mix in as they please between songs). point being: hollywood dvd creators who make DTS and/or Dolby 5.1 mixes are starting with more (and better quality) sources to begin with and then using expensive hardware encoders.

so, it's quite a different thing to take a stereo audience recording (even an excellent one) and try to "create" surround sound out of a 2-channel source, even if you use the best software available.

of course, from most of the reviews i've read on the U2 officially released DVDs, most people prefer the PCM stereo track. so even in the cases of official DVDs (which had better audio sources to begin with, and more of them), a lot of people prefer the stereo anyway because of "poor channel mixing" in the surround audio.

at any rate, New Homebrew - i thought i remembered someone briefly posting a message on DATheads saying, "it's lossy," and then the only other real response to that was the creator guy (Dan?) saying he'd do two versions and send them to people to get listener opinions or something. but i've been up for 32 hours straight, so i could easily be totally off on that.
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