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Originally Posted by spacejam1
There was some converstion on etree about it being lossy but the administrators allowed it to be torrented. Etree is the strictest site I know and if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. Yes it is true to not every show is going to be dts material.
If you'll allow me to take the opposing view, I find that "e-tree's" Bit Torrent site ( has been very lax in moderating submissions of torrented material, with the exception of keeping copyrighted and non-trade friendly artists off their tracker. I've seen non-EAC DAE gens torrented there, contrary to the original seeding guidelines. Torrents do not go through a moderation process, and the forums seem to be sparsely populated.

I'd be more convinced of the acceptability of archive status for DTS shows if they were accepted at LLAMA.

BTW, this doesn't mean that they're not interesting listening experiences, it just means that they need to be CLEARLY differentiated so as not to confuse trading circles. I'd like to see a higher quality version of these shows in circulation, and expect that within a short time, advances in data storage (blue laser or the like) will allow people to create full bandwidth multichannel archives. It might be wise to save the effort until then..
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