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Originally Posted by Five
I guess I'm behind the times. I did some reading. Right now, dts would be okay on a video DVD, but is not allowed to be seeded here as audio alone.

What does everybody think of this? Should we consider allowing dts audio shows?
DTS is lossy and it is also very proprietory - I think I'm right in saying that DTS Inc. are quite aggressive in enforcing it's software patents, even in countries where software patents aren't (yet) allowed. For example, the VideoLan project were threatened and have removed DTS support from VLC:

One (the only?) lossless alternative to DTS is DVD-Audio. FLAC files can also contain up to 8 channels of audio, but I'm not sure what (if any) software can play back (or even create) multi-channel FLAC files.

My Open Source DVD-Audio authoring software will soon be able to support authoring of multi-channel DVD-Audio discs from FLAC (or WAV) input files. Currently, it only supports mono and stereo audio.

So a potential standard for lossless multi-channel audio could be to torrent the files as multi-channel FLAC files, and then the downloader would author a DVD-Audio disc using my (cross-platform) authoring program directly from those FLAC files.

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