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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Ive been trading for many years and good manners is what it all is about. after every trade people would thank each other forsending the discs, most of the time people traded an equal amount of discs which is fine, the same rule should be applied at torrent sites I think.

I'm really pissed at the current trend on ttd and similar trackers for lossless recordings, people seem to forget how it all should help us aquiring new shows without paying big money for the postal services. I really dont mind if someone has uploaded only 10gb while he downloaded 20gb, no big deal as upload speeds can suck anus. but most of the time people with extremely shitty ratios(e.g 1gb up, 100gb down) are the first to jump off when they finished a download, which makes me really angry at some point. I'm getting more and more reluctant to seed any more shows myself these days, due to many thing that annoy me too much, inlcuding bloody asshole leechers.

that being said i reckon it's time to seed my latest master now...
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