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Re: What about High Definition streams?

Originally Posted by saltman View Post
I've "streamed" blu-rays to my 24" monitor that is hdcp compliant via hdmi (dvi also fwiw). That's the same thing right? My card is pretty cheap and I haven't noticed any issues. Never to a TV yet but I can't imagine it would be an issue. What is the conflicting info. you are seeing? Are you questioning whether it is worth having an HD TV without HDCP DVI?
I was curious if anyone could recommend (make/model) a 'tested out' HDMI (out) video card.
I've read that some were choppy in blu ray playback - rejected by the HDCP..etc..etc.
a video card HDMI 1.3 compliant connection is what I'm after/curious about. (as an alternative to a blu ray/upscale standalone player)
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