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Re: Name & Shame Uberleechers Thread

Originally Posted by sikamikanico83 View Post
I honstly dont understand whats so hard to upload the same amount that you have downloaded. My max. upload speed is only 1/6 of my max. download speed and I still manage to keep a decent ratio. I'v seen people with upload speeds way higher than my download speed and they had a shitty ratio, and never upload anything themselves. I fucking hate them all...
so what your trying to say is people who have dl more than they uploaded you f ing hate them all, well thats a little harsh, you dont even no me for instance. seems your attutude is a little off and bang out of order

my upload speed aint the best but im still seeding, well i would be if any1 would dl to the torrent im connected to. seems by the time i get a chance to seed anything every1 has dl it already.
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