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Re: Music Categories for torrents??

pasted for vlad (don't make it a habit)

Originally Posted by vladsmythe View Post
I want to take this opportunity to add my two cents to the poll regarding music categories currently in the "Site suggestions" forum. This video serves as a great example of the topic. This video would be listed as "Jazz". Even though someone looking for Carlos Santana would not find it listed (his name is not in the torrent title), this video would be "Jazz". When I archive my text files, I categorize them by music genre - Jazz, Rock, Classic Rock, Bluegrass, Blues etc. I find this method useful to locate files in a timely manner.
I think the categories, if instituted, should encompass the music style - not the artist. I'm not endorsing the notion, just adding my observation. Obviously, some titles would slip through the cracks, as mentioned in the thread/poll I refer to. So, while the system would be flawed (depending on the discretion of the seeder in choosing a genre), I think categories could be a useful tool. A seach of "Jazz" would show a finite list of torrents - this one for instance. A keyword search for "Santana" would include this torrent in a list which most likely also include "Latin", "Rock" or "Classic Rock" as it is included in the description text file .

If someone wants to paste this in the "Site suggestions" I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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