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Re: Saying Thanks to the Seeder...

Originally Posted by dcbullet View Post
I also don't think that necessarily every singe person needs to say thanks in every single torrent thread. A torrent with 100 completes - that's a lot of posts!
This is why I think the "thanks" button would be good. I don't see the button as any less personal than spending 5 seconds typing out six characters and nothing else and moving on, and I think you'd get more people expressing thanks if they could do it with the click of a button, as opposed to typing it out.

I also would like to see more substantive discussion of shows as you pointed out, and I think that's a bigger problem than people not saying thanks. The last show I posted got the following kinds of posts:

1) thanks
2) recording quality
3) How do you decode these files

There was not ONE post discussing anything specific about the concert itself (a couple people said it was a great concert, that's it). Nothing about what would make the performances of the songs, or banter between songs, unique (or not) compared to other shows. Nothing about the funny (I thought) comments by audience members around the taper. Nobody who attended this show chimed in with a review of it. I can understand you won't usually get that with an older show, but this was a 2008 show. All of this is part of the fun, in my opinion.
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