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Re: Saying Thanks to the Seeder...

Originally Posted by freezer View Post
However, to address the use of a "Thanks" button or whether it's better to add a personalized thanks:

I'd prefer to see comments on the sound quality of the recording, or the performance by the artists, or the reaction of the audience, or the set list.

THAT'S where the real thanks lies......A response on how the show was appreciated AFTER a listen......

HOWEVER: That would mean taking a bit of effort to actually listen to the d/l'ed show and forming a comment and then typing it up.....and that's something that the new members of the "community" don't want to think about.....It decreases their sense of entitlement.
That's exactly how I feel. It's nice for someone to say thanks, but it's actually helpful for me if they say something about the recording after listening to it. I also agree that there's a sense of entitlement out there that's only getting worse. Now that more people know how to download bittorrents it seems like they expect to get a copy of the show before it's even over. I haven't even been taping for a year yet, but I've already become jaded.
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