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Re: Saying Thanks to the Seeder...

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
Is it just my perception being off, or does it seem that less and less people are saying Thanks to the seeders?

I know I have always tried to say Thanks when I grab a torrent, and then if I especially like the show, or have other comments about it, I go back and post again in the thread. But, sometimes I will find there are already 30 leechers on a show and there isn't even one Thanks in the thread! What is with that? Do some users just feel that they don't need to say Thanks or don't realize that it's polite to say Thanks? Are they so used to a Thanks button (like on other sites) that they don't know how to post a simple comment of Thanks?

Why are users not saying Thanks?
I was having the same feeling too, over the past 12 months less and less people would comment on the shows I seeded, they'd only post a comment to complain if I disappeared.

yesterday, I have just posted about that issue in the taper's forum, where the thread's question was 'do you feel obligated to release your tapes', and really, not that I'm a taper for a long time, but I'm absolutely reluctant to seed anything of the stuff I taped.

Guess people have been feeded with too much and now take it for granted to be supplied with the latest recordings or something. Wonder how many of them have actually taped something themselves or ever traded big for discs/tapes back in the day...

as for the Thank You buttons on several other sites, they are absolutely useless in my opinion. but also here, they are not being pressed by many any longer either.

Just wondering whether this trend will change again or get even worse in the near future. I'm not the type of guy who downloads lots as I really have more live music to listen to than time, but if I do I always give a wink to the seeders

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