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Re: Saying Thanks to the Seeder...

i've never said, "Thanks" in the thread for something i've downloaded, unless i had something more to add. i personally don't like to see a thread full of thanks. i'd like the thread following a seed to contain information worth reading. Anything, someone who was at the show, a comment about the artist, comments on the show/recording quality, whatever. But a wading through a thread full of thanks seems wasteful.

But then again, i haven't seeded anything. If i had, maybe i would be in the other court and getting all peeved about the sense of entitilement in the damned youth today!

And another point for adding the harks back to the days of STG...where bumping the thread would keep it up at the top of the message list and keep the torrent well-fed.

So there is my contradictory point of view (do i ever take a stance on anything?)

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