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Originally Posted by Five
I think RainDawg could explain better, but my big issue with apple lossless is that ipod users wanted the ability to play FLAC like some other players had so the kind people at apple invented apple lossless so that now you can play FLAC on an ipod but only if you first convert everything to their brand new proprietary format. At least, this is how I recall it happening. If apple lossless was acutally better they might have a leg to stand on. There's also microsoft lossless which somebody was saying isn't really lossless, I'm not sure if this is true.

I stick with FLAC and APE (yes ffooky, I still use it at home ).
its better then mp3 for starts--thats why itunes uses it, smaller file with better sound
and the only place i have ever seen or heard of ipod users wanting to play flacs on an ipod is here--the general ipod user doesn't even know about flac

bottom line is the ipod isn't for trading or for audio junkies
its for the normal ear and the person who wants a small walkman with 10000 songs at their fingertip
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