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Wink Re: Saying Thanks to the Seeder...

Originally Posted by U2Lynne View Post
It is open for discussion and I am reading this thread to see what people think.
Good, I have a few thoughts on the subject as someone who was a part of the hobby for a long time and have seen too many changes.

I don't upload or download, but I made more master recordings than quite a lot of your "community" put together.

I'd been supplying UNCIRCULATED recordings to people at this site, and I watch as the recordings are taken to other sites.

Many times the source info and lineage is retained, but just as often it isn't, it's removed by some "good" member of the "community" who wants credit for something he did little more than move to another site.

At certain sites, the removal of proper source info and lineage is encouraged by the site staff.

THAT is not the case here at TTD, and I applaud the audiophile standards that are tried to be upheld at this site.

Originally Posted by U2Lynne
Do you think new users just don't think about it? As was already brought up, there are a lot of users who have downloaded stuff and never made a single post. Why is that? Are they afraid to say Thanks or do they just not think about it?
I think it's the modern sense of entitlement that prevades the "community" now that is the root of your problem, Lynne.

Why thank somebody for something you feel ENTITLED to own?

Sharing? That's become a bullshit term in today's version of the hobby.

It's not sharing when you're ENTITLED to a copy, and many newer collectors don't feel the need to thank anyone for something they believe is already theirs.

Certain b/t sites foster that sense of entitlement.

It's why more and more tapers from the past are NOT fully opening their collection vaults.

It's why certain older recordings will never see the light of day, or be passed around in any form except a very highly generated version with edits and tracks removed.

And that HAS become the standard rather than the exception.

My David Bowie 1978-04-11 Baton Rouge recording was booted years ago, oh well....

Well, that boot was torrented at this site earlier this year. That torrent was picked up by another bootlegger and bootlegged again. (Maybe you remember me telling someone who seeded the recording that it was an audience tape and I made it....His comment? WHO cares where it came from. Need to be pointed to where that exchange was made or which TTD member made that reply???)

Unfortunately, the Bowie Baton Rouge boot is VERY highly edited and the original source info was removed long ago. Oh well...

Consequently, there are "good" collectors passing that recording off as a 'soundboard' recording, because they can't hear the audience between the songs.... It was removed, along with Bowie's stage patter. It's a garbage copy in circulation. And even though a better copy could be in circulation, the boot is what will be passed around from this point on.

Garbage in.....garbage out.....

Also it gives me very little impetus to put the master of the Bowie show in circulation. Why bother, when even the collector who seeded the bootleg doesn't give a good hearty goddam about getting a better copy?

You know me to be vociferous, and that causes the trolls in your "community" to come out and want to bait arguements over UNCIRCULATING recordings rather than just politely asking. We're seeing that again today in the Lounge area, aren't we?

However, to address the use of a "Thanks" button or whether it's better to add a personalized thanks:

I'd prefer to see comments on the sound quality of the recording, or the performance by the artists, or the reaction of the audience, or the set list.

THAT'S where the real thanks lies......A response on how the show was appreciated AFTER a listen......

HOWEVER: That would mean taking a bit of effort to actually listen to the d/l'ed show and forming a comment and then typing it up.....and that's something that the new members of the "community" don't want to think about.....It decreases their sense of entitlement.

But, say, Lynne, ....imagine what the next few years will bring to the "community" if the trend YOU noticed continues......

You think it'll get any better? I doubt it.

You better institute that thank you button to go off automatically upon each completed download, IF you want to see it in use when the next new wave of teenagers hit TTD in force.

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