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2012-09-21, 08:23 PM
Hi not sure if updating my mac os to snow leopard changed settings but have been "firewalled "the last week now on ttd....
Yes i get the
"If you get the following message, then you are firewalled:
Error: I could not see your service on xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx on port (yyyy)
Reason: Connection timed out"
but ..... i have had no firewalls with any other site (ie bittorents sites i use!!!!) checked my preferences and nothing shutting out ttd..... portforward doesn't list my router model number only some other models by the same manufacturer.... so i can't use their site.... i have turned everything off rebooted routers etc..... nothing seems to work otherwise i have had no problems with ttd for years.......help!!!!!!!

2012-09-24, 08:50 AM

Enter port # > Check Your Port

if its good :coffee: you're good

2012-09-28, 07:51 AM
It seems from other sources that the digital links between broadcaster and FM transmitters function at a 32kHz sample rate, so begs the question - which is the more 'lossy' -