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2012-09-02, 11:54 AM
Hiya, all y'all. With all the fantastic HD video available these days, I'm thinking of buying a Blu Ray burner, and am wondering what 'nix folks are using to create UDF 2.5 file systems. Versions 2.5/2.6 seem to still be read-only, with possible work-arounds being running ImgBurn with Wine, or purchasing NeroLinux. I'm not (quite) too cheap to buy Nero, if it indeed works, but would rather use a simple open source tool, similar to mkudffs, etc. So, simply put, is anyone able to burn a Blu Ray video disc with a Linux-based OS?

2012-09-02, 11:59 AM
Why don't you buy a media streamer instead of a Blu Ray burner? Most of them nowadays will play anything you throw at them.

2012-09-03, 08:29 AM
Thanks for the reply. Yes, media streamers are great. I'm streaming Schmoe's Phil and Friends HD upload through a PS3 as I type and it looks fantastic. Works just fine for watching the video in this room, but kinda hard to stuff my computer into a backpack, hop on a bike, and play it at a friend's house the way I could with a Blu Ray disc. No big deal, I'm not really sure I even want a BR burner (I basically never burn CDs or DVDs for myself anymore), but I would be much more likely to invest in one if I got an affirmative answer to the question I asked earlier.

Happy holiday to all my fellow US laborers, and happy Monday to the rest.

2012-09-03, 10:24 AM
Thanks and a happy holiday yourself. I've asked around and I was told you could try Silicon Empire (http://getsilicon.org/) or else Nero Linux 4 will do the trick for sure.

Do you really need to bring your computer over to your friend? I mean wouldn't an external HD or USB stick suffice?

2012-09-03, 01:16 PM
Actually I did spend a brief moment trying to install Silicon Empire, but compilation exited with an unexplained error. Probably a missing dependency, I was in a hurry to get to my local holiday weekend music fest, but I will try again soon. I was also unable to find a download link for NeroLinux 4, other than to update from earlier versions. Again, didn't put much time or effort into it. Your effort to ask around is much appreciated, thank you!

As for lugging my PC around, I confess I was trying to be feces-ish. My only Deadhead friend still doesn't even own a computer, much less a Blu Ray player (only recently finally got a cell phone) so I wouldn't be able to share the Phil and Friends in HD with them unless I did lug my PC and monitor over there. I do, however, have friends and family that own Blu Ray devices, and a BR disc would be less hassle than hooking up an external hdd to their computer, not to mention that my external hdd doesn't currently have the 35 GB of free space that the P&F show requires. But, as you've pointed out, it is a solution that wouldn't require buying anything new.

Anyway, it's kinda moot for me since I've pretty much decided that those occasions I'd like to share HD video with friends and family is too infrequent to justify buying a Blu Ray burner. Burning discs is so 2000's :D