View Full Version : Bad Trader: Biel

2012-08-12, 01:27 PM
gabriel Guilherme Dos santos from Recife, Brazil

I am completely disappointed
I thought Biel was a trustful guy but ...
in February he requested me a trade
As everyone knows now, i cannot set up online trades
i posted my dvds in the beginning of march and he received them 12 days but after,everything was only disappointment
Biel told me he had sent his package to a wrong address and the package had been returned
and then I realized he had never sent anything
In my opinion because it did not afford
I can understand that 10 euros can be a significant sum for some people and i'm ready to find another solution...
This last days, Biel told me he has not the time anymore to trade because of his university studies and he stopped
is it so long to burn 6 dvds ????

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