View Full Version : Any idea for mpeg repair?

2012-07-25, 07:49 AM
yo folks
have post this http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=99072
for some days
the video/audio isnīt sync after a while.
sorry again for this big shit ...
use some progs like ProjektX or MPEG Wizard DVD (MPEG GOP fixer), but no satisfied result ...
any idea what can i do to repair the file???

2012-07-25, 08:51 AM
I think the first question is, is the audio on the original file out of sync? You gotta figure out where it happened.

2012-07-25, 01:10 PM
the original files is the mpeg stream via dvb-t. i have it direct use in authring (TMPEG)
i think the sync off is on several points to find
ProjectX means at ~56min, but at ~17min itīs definitve out of sync :disbelief

2012-07-25, 08:46 PM
I assume the sync just gets progressively worse as the show goes on. This would mean that the audio is too long for the video, or too short. Do you have any video editing programs?

2012-07-26, 06:57 AM
Hi Ulli, like co9ol said, you have to figure out where things start going out of sync. Is the sync issue already there on the original DVB-stream, or does the issue arises after authoring?

2012-07-26, 07:46 AM
Hi Jan, itīs before authoring, the fault is in the original stream. itīs not the first time with this shit error. with an GOP fixer no result, says itīs all perfect ... ProjectX says error after 56min, but the error is earlier and i think itīs more than one
see no chance for repair, only a chance when i extract the audio stream as wav.
a edit per eye/ear and hand ...

2012-07-26, 10:39 AM
You could try TS-Doctor (http://www.cypheros.de/tsdoctor_e.html), may be that will do the trick, but I wouldn't get my hopes up too high if I were you.

A/V sync errors are becoming a significant problem in the digital television industry because of the use of large amounts of video signal processing in television production/broadcasting. A/V sync problems are commonly caused when significant amounts of video processing is performed. Typical sources of significant video delays include video synchronizers and video compression encoders/decoders. Particularly troublesome encoders/decoders are used in MPEG compression systems utilized for broadcasting digital television and for storing television programs on consumer and professional recording/playback devices.

For a possible solution of your sync issues, see my PM.