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2012-07-18, 08:54 PM
Why do interviews need to be lossless?

2012-07-18, 09:49 PM
1. All seeds must be CD quality, lossless audio in FLAC, APE, or SHN format.
No seed that has been compressed to a lossy format at some point in the past will be accepted here. This includes mp3, ogg, aac, or any other lossy format. Also note that lossless filetypes other than FLAC, APE, and SHN are not permitted; this includes WAV, AIFF, ALC, MKW, Windows Lossless, Real Lossless, and any other lossless format.

It's all about keeping the quality and passing it on. The way I see it is, if you don't draw the line somewhere, you can't draw the line.

2012-07-19, 03:08 PM
why no ALAC.... hmmm

2012-07-24, 08:49 PM
If it's only available in mp3, it should be accepted.

2012-07-24, 10:53 PM
It is accepted.
Just not here.

Some sites don't care at all about lossiness.
Others do, but will make exceptions.
We make exceptions for lossiness in regards to some MD sources.
But not for mp3.

2012-07-25, 08:00 PM
why not sweep crumbs under the fridge?

eventually it will bother someone

2012-07-25, 09:04 PM
TTD allows ALAC.... after it's converted to FLAC

2012-07-26, 05:02 PM
TTD allows ALAC.... after it's converted to FLAC

What is ALAC?

2012-07-26, 07:40 PM
"Apple Lossless Audio Codec" I believe

ps. google is your friend (unless you don't want them to save everything you search for years to come)

2012-07-26, 07:55 PM
I can't transfer audio to my computer. It comes out with clipping, and sounds distorted.

2014-11-04, 11:57 PM
Just to let you know, the new Kiss "Love Gun" deluxe has a Gene Simmons interview on it from 1977 that isn't lossless. I know, because it was taken from my youtube account!