View Full Version : Bits On Wheels and partial torrents...

2005-07-26, 10:04 AM
So i'm using Bits On Wheels...anyone know how to download partial songs/discs?

2005-07-26, 10:16 AM
I'm sorry, I was wrong about Bits On Wheels. The tabs were so much like Azureus, I just assumed you could do partials with it also. So, I guess for a Mac, if you only want a couple files, your only option is Azureus.

2005-07-26, 10:24 AM
Thanks, i'll try it!

2005-07-28, 04:55 PM
Since we're talking about Bits on Wheels...has anyone had stability problems? I was using it for a few weeks, and it seemed it would freeze up somewhat frequently. Maybe it's a Tiger issue?