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2012-05-28, 08:34 PM
...Hey Y'all.
I just downloaded the Stones Heading for an Overload torrent and have noticed that I have some static issues in my music.

Predominantly in the second disc. Traders Little Helper showed no errors..

I have never had this problem before. If anyone else has had this problem, or if you have any suggestions on what to look for, PLMK.

thanks, Drano.

p.s. just want to thank everyone for their post in the lounge where they keep saying how much they love me..... :wave::wave:

2012-05-29, 12:32 AM
If you have issues in a particular download, you should ask in the download thread if anyone else has had the same issue. If your files pass the fingerprint check, then it was something from the original files.

2012-05-29, 12:36 PM
thank you..