View Full Version : Questionable Trader: Cruzgerardo Rodriguez

2012-05-20, 12:25 PM
His web-site is;


I never heard of his nickname before, but when he contacted me through e-mail, gmail showed a name called "Ruben".

I hope he is also a member here, because he rarely answered my mails during the whole trade, I would like to have an explanation.

I asked 24 DVD's from him (with my rules of amounts), and he asked 24 shows. But I have rules for amount of shows. Example, I trade 3 DVD's for 1 rare DVD or for a Dual Layer DVD. I told him about this, and I explained it in details for every show he asked. He agreed, and we arranged the trade for last week of January. I have sent his package, and I had never heard of him since 13th of February, I asked him if he received the package. He said no. And after a month, he told me he got my package, and he sent mine. I never got anything till May. I mailed him many times but I never got any answers. After I got his package on May 3rd, there was 11 missing shows. I told him nicely to fix this situation, or else I have to put him as the first bad trader I ever had. But he still doesn't answer me.

I don't call him a bad trader yet, I know Mexico is far from my country, Turkey and his English was pretty rough, so he may have misunderstood a few things. But to be a decent trader, you should be talkative, and in my opinion, not answering back for a lot of mails, which are questioning uncertain and unknown things that has to be filled with information, is rude. Am I wrong?

Thanks for your attention.