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2012-05-18, 08:52 PM
Shawn was such an amazingly strong, thoughtful, and upbeat individual in spite of the cards he was dealt by life. ~ Dave Williams

To our friend Shawn. For the smiles, the love, and laughter; we thank you.

2012-05-18, 09:01 PM
:( Rest in Peace.

2012-05-18, 09:07 PM
Take care Shawn, rest well.


2012-05-18, 09:14 PM
Hell of a photographer (http://www.flickr.com/photos/liquidgoggles/sets/)

Sleep in the stars Shawn...Feb 4, 1983-May 17, 2012
Hometown show dedicated to his memory (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=98059)

2012-05-18, 09:27 PM
RIP Shawn..................

2012-05-18, 09:39 PM
Very sorry to hear of his passing. Our prayers are with your family.:(

2012-05-18, 10:12 PM
Aw, hell no. :(

R.I.P. Shawn. You were a kind soul and a rare person, indeed.

2012-05-18, 10:54 PM
Its hard to loose a brother I know. my deepest sympathies

2012-05-18, 11:20 PM
Shawn, you were a model to us all to always have joy for what we have in life and not what we don't. You will be missed.

Lucifer burns
2012-05-18, 11:34 PM
I didn't know him, but i'm still sorry to hear of your lose.
Condolensces to you and the rest of your family.

2012-05-18, 11:50 PM
My thoughts and prayers go out to Shawn's family and friends, thanks for letting us know.

For Shawn, rest in peace brother, you will be missed.

2012-05-18, 11:52 PM
Sorry to hear the loss of your brother...R.I.P. Shawn :vino:

2012-05-19, 12:13 AM
R.I.P. Shawn

2012-05-19, 12:20 AM
My Condolences to his Family and Friends.

R.I.P. Shawn

2012-05-19, 01:57 AM
R.I.P Shawn

2012-05-19, 02:10 AM
R.I.P. Shawn

2012-05-19, 02:57 AM
:rasta:Very sorry to hear of the passing of your brother Shaun.
I did not know him but you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
God bless you

Rest In Peace Shaun

2012-05-19, 03:31 AM
I think, a short line saying "In loving memory of Shawn Williams" placed under the TTD-banner at the top of the page, visible for every user and guest, would be suitable.

2012-05-19, 03:51 AM
R.I.P. Shawn

My Condolences to his Family.

2012-05-19, 06:28 AM
My condolences to you on the loss of your brother and to others for their friend.

2012-05-19, 06:49 AM
"I didn't know him, but i'm still sorry to hear of your lose.
Condolensces to you and the rest of your family."

Same here...

2012-05-19, 07:49 AM
for those that didn't know him personally, i'll just say...he was a immensely strong person who, despite enduring years of pain & exhaustion & god knows what else, stayed a kind positive soul...there are few in the world who could say the same

i'm grateful for TTD, for bringing many of us together in the "real world", forming true friendships with folks i woulda never met otherwise...Shawn was one of those people

lots of memories & stories, for that i am grateful...much love brother, you will be missed

2012-05-19, 07:57 AM
R.I.P. shawn & healing vibes to family and friends

2012-05-19, 08:02 AM
This news just saddens me beyond! Shawn would sometimes talk to me about his illness but only when I prodded him! He was so nonchalant about it...soooo very positive and I love and respected how he used all his energy to trot around America to see live shows! The strength that he showed after that horrific accident he had a few years ago just showed the fight he had in him! I admired his sunshiny demeanor ......he definitely will be missed and thought of often! So sorry for your loss Dave...RIP Shawn xoxoxoxoxo

2012-05-19, 08:45 AM
Rest in peace...
My condolences to his family and friends.

2012-05-19, 10:13 AM
:( R.I.P.

2012-05-19, 10:49 AM
RIP Shawn

2012-05-19, 11:14 AM
rip shawn ...sorry to see you leave us so soon...

may the weight of the world be just a head stone for the flight to a better place..

2012-05-19, 11:42 AM
RIP, Shawn. Rest Easy.

2012-05-19, 12:06 PM
Our thoughts and condolences from this Community across the world to Shawn's family. R.I.P. Shawn, and thank you.

2012-05-19, 01:55 PM
Rest in peace....

2012-05-19, 02:03 PM
RIP, my condolences

Daniel Brewer
2012-05-19, 02:23 PM
I didn't know the man. Sounds like he was a pretty cool cat. RIP Shawn.

2012-05-19, 03:05 PM
He made me smile

2012-05-19, 05:14 PM

My condolences to those that knew and loved him.

2012-05-19, 06:13 PM
thanks for the music and fun you shared. be well.

2012-05-19, 07:10 PM
Well that sucks!

Go towards the light Shawn!

2012-05-19, 07:15 PM
This ones for you buddy!!! Though we never met in person, we did share a few good times here. Rest in peace Shawn.


Shout your name into the wind

2012-05-19, 10:23 PM
i remember his nick well from when i used to hang out, he played guitar, the last thread that i remember from back then was a show in pa or ohio he was gonna meet some ppl from here at, there were pics afterwards i think

somebody said sleep in the stars and i bet you'll dance in them too! :wook:

i'm at an age where i'm losing ppl left and right and it sucks to see somebody my daughters age go but whether you believe it or not i say:

the ohgreatkeepa will keep ohkeepa while we wait for our turn to go through the big sleepah we won't even know no we won't make a peepah 'til we rub the sleep from our eyes finally free like ohkeepa

2012-05-20, 02:46 AM
We never met but I NEVER came across an offensive word to, or about, him.

"Though the pain will linger for a time of his passing the memory of him will continue".

The Searl Effect
2012-05-20, 02:56 AM
We'll miss you buddy.

2012-05-20, 05:38 AM
Yes very sad to hear you have lost one of your family members and friend. :disbelief. My Sincere condolences to his family. I don't know how much he would have suffered from his physical illness, but can understand to a certain degree, being that I had lost an older sister back in 1999 at the age of 27 yrs who died from Scleroderma.

RIP fellow music lover. :(

2012-05-20, 08:35 AM
from a TTD Wakarusa/Bonnaroo fest run in 2006

2012-05-20, 12:27 PM

Roby Left Hand
2012-05-20, 02:20 PM

2012-05-20, 02:27 PM
Condolences to his Family. So sorry to hear this.

2012-05-20, 05:46 PM
Rest in Peace. Condolences to his family and friends.

2012-05-21, 05:58 PM
God Bless you through eternity, Shawn.

.... Freezer

2012-05-21, 09:51 PM
Never met you my brother but we certainly shared the same interests.
As you now know what waits for us all in the heavens & the meaning of life itself.:)
CHEERS to you my friend.

2012-05-22, 12:11 AM
I was lucky enough to meet Shawn a few times. I am happy that he is no longer suffering, but his loss is tough to handle....

(((Shawn's Friends & Family)))

2012-05-22, 03:19 AM
(((((((R.I.P. Shawn)))))))

2012-05-22, 01:12 PM
Fare thee well, Shawn.
My condolences to all who knew and loved him.

lovesick alien
2012-05-22, 08:32 PM
I didn't know him, but I'm still sorry to hear of your lose.
Condolences to you and the rest of your family.

Couldn't have said it better than my trading brother LB - Shawn: you were obviously loved and though I didn't know you, I hope when I'm gone, people will say even half as many kind things about me.

Rest in Peace, brother, safe journey :wave::wave::wave:

Nick in Florida (lovesick alien)

2012-05-22, 10:12 PM
It's always sad when we lose one of our own. I didn't know Shawn, but from reading these posts, I wish I had been able to connect...RIP....Kev

2012-05-23, 03:52 AM
Rest In Peace...

2012-05-23, 02:51 PM
R.I.P., Shawn. You touched a lot of people !

Matlin Zeitler
2012-05-23, 09:55 PM
My condolences to all who knew and loved him.

2012-05-24, 12:30 PM
My Condolences to his Family.

R.I.P Shawn

2012-05-24, 03:24 PM
its a difficult thing when one of the community dies. no doubt his family and close friends will be grateful for the posts here.

I never had any dealings with shawn personally.

Shawn, ... Rest In Peace

2012-05-24, 10:03 PM
Rest in Peace Shawn.Prayers to the family!

michael griffin
2012-05-25, 09:18 AM
I didnt know him , or even know of him, but he must have been a heck of a guy and touched many lives. My heart goes out to his family and friends

2012-05-25, 10:41 AM
RIP Shawn. I did not know you but I am still sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends you leave behind.

2012-05-25, 01:24 PM
" He is not dead, He doth not sleep" (Adonais - Eulogy for Brian Jones)
Rest In Peace, Shawn. Nobody deserves to go that young...

2012-05-25, 03:26 PM
Lets ring in the summer and raise our glass at sunset. Salute!

2012-06-10, 10:30 PM
No idea how I missed this.

RIP man.

Finally the pain has gone.

2012-06-11, 02:44 AM
God Bless you through eternity, Shawn.

.... Freezer

And you, too, Art.

2012-06-27, 04:43 PM
Such a great loss, TTD community is deeply sorry..
Thanks for letting us know

Rest well in peace

2012-06-28, 01:44 PM
I always wanted to get to know him better... RIP Shawn

2013-05-17, 05:20 PM
RIP Brother :cheers:

2013-05-20, 06:16 AM
he was a great kid, cheers to ya Shawn :cheers:

2013-05-26, 05:46 AM
RIP Shawn. I did not know you but I am still sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks.

Sincerest condolences to the family and friends you leave behind.

This is very sad news and you summed it up for me...Sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks.
R.I.P. Shawn, someone I wish I got the chance to meet.