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2004-11-29, 01:06 AM
i was wondering what these id3 tags were

i just rename everything on itunes but when i open my files on winamp they are seen as something else

i know they are some sort of naming type but im not sure what they are :wtf:

if im going to convert my id3 tags through itunes what version of id3 should i use

2004-11-29, 01:07 AM
moving to techno.

2004-11-29, 02:08 AM
I think ID3 is only for mp3

2004-11-29, 08:12 AM
This all depends on what type of files you're using....which I don't think you've specidifed. id3 is an older and very restrictive type of file tag, that I rarely see used anymore, and if it I is, I write the software off as useless and move on. It has been replaced with the id3v2 tagging type that is simply horrendous but at least functional and allow you to store loads of custom data in your files.

Both of these tagging types are bandaids patched onto files that never intended to be used tagged like this. You'd be better off using Vorbis comments from FLAC and OGG files and APE tags for APE files. MP3 will only allow id3 v1 and 2, but if you're looking for help with mp3 files, I think you've stumbled into the wrong messageboard.

Anyway, I'll give you the lowdown on how you setup and use the best type of tags if you'll kindly let me know:
What type of files you're working with
What software you have (other that iTunes :puke and Winamp :hmm:)
What Operating System you use
Why you want to tag them in the first place.

2004-11-29, 01:29 PM
for a foobar masstagger tutorial, check midway down this page:

2004-11-29, 01:32 PM
Yes, foobar's masstagger is the best tool to use for Vorbis tagging, as you can save certain tagging scripts that can save hours and hours of time typing every field in by hands....

2004-11-30, 07:27 PM
i was just wondering

i like my stuff to be really organized and all in the similar format