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2012-03-29, 03:40 AM
I'm thinking about building a small server. A friend of mine pointed out Freenas (http://www.freenas.org/). Anybody of you here has any good (or bad) experience with or tips for this software?

2012-03-29, 07:40 AM
any reason in particular you're thinking NAS?
those things are a major pain when they fail / data recovery

2012-03-29, 08:13 AM
I want to make data available for some people and I want to transfer the data through the TCP/IP protocol. I was thinking of using several HD's (may be using RAID) and a PC I have lying around and use it for file storage. I'm no expert on running or maintaining servers etc, so when someone pointed this out I thought why not those NAS things are made for that purpose. If you know any other simple solution for my idea, you have my ear.

2012-03-29, 08:35 AM
ah, i see it offers Thin Provisioning which is pretty cool. Go for it.
..just be certain to have a decent backup solution in place :)

which file share solution are you considering? torrent?

2012-03-30, 04:19 AM
The data I want to make available is already backed up somewhere else. So now that I come to think of it; in that case running RAID would be a bit redundant. Using RAID level 1 (or higher) results in a loss of storage capacity due to the mirroring or striping. Also the HD's I want to use are not all same sized, the smallest HD would determine the size of the system, so again this would result in a great loss of capacity. So I can better use the 'JBOD' system (Just a Bunch Of Discs).

Yes that would be bittorrent and/or FTP.

2012-03-30, 08:10 AM
.....in that case running RAID would be a bit redundant.....

Thanks for the chuckle!