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2012-03-23, 03:06 AM
Doing a trade for 72 discs, posted a while ago and no response to mail or not getting in touch, i have every faith in anyone (unless they hump me !!) and this guy has a huge list and is part of a large mailing list so he does trade regular, i always give way for either pc trouble, on holiday, working away etc, but my mate in england is doing a trade as well and heard nothing as well, both large trades, this is just a post if anyone has traded with him before or know him and can shed any light on him, it is not a bashing post !!! :)


2012-03-29, 04:45 AM
has been in touch, said was in for knee surgery and had a heart attack also !! get well !!

2012-04-18, 03:31 AM
Hi to all who have current trades with Gerard Kolenbrander:

Gerard had an massive heart attack some weeks ago. He survived but is still in rehab.

You should wait another couple of weeks to get your stuff. He will do it when he`s in better shape!!


Achim aka laffitteboogie59

2012-07-28, 04:56 AM
Hi everyone, i need a huge help, the trader called gerard kolenbrander...email bluesmusic@<hidden>, he has owed me 72 discs since about before march i think, i heard nothing for ages, mailed him countless times and finally he mailed to say he was in hospital with knee surgery and also had a heart attack as well, it is now august and he does not respond to my mail, is he a good trader ?? he told me in june his son was doing my wants and kept in touch regular, 3 times i had to send my wants to him for some strange reason, if he can answer e-mail very quick why cant he put a disc in a drive and burn my wants, i dont want to go down posting in all the trading sites that he is a bad trader...YET, but am past fed up waiting, he owes me 72 dvd, i have a friend in england chris howell, he is getting the same treatment, when he does mail he always encloses his current list wanting to set up another damn trade before this one is even done and it will soon be half a year !! Can anyone tell me if they have had the same treatment ? is he a good trader ?? i am in a whole load of trading sites and can soon spread his name as a bad trader, i dont want to but after this long my heart tells me to do it but descency says no, would rather wait and get my discs and resolve this problem he is causing, can anyone help me ???

all the best

2012-08-09, 05:06 PM
Hi Neill,

i have done a trade with him 3 weeks ago. All went smooth. He`s well again. Don`t know why he hasn`t shipped yours yet!

He`s absolutely reliable. One of the best around the globe. I have sent him your last comment here in Traders Den. He surely will answer!

best wishes

Achim aka laffitteboogie59