View Full Version : verifying for 12 hours,is it stuck?

robert a heinlein
2005-07-19, 09:45 AM
i just finished downloading the pink floyed the wall dived we fall and it has been verifying for over 12 hours. is this normal ? should i disconnect form internet? my p2p progran is running and still downloading other files with out a problem. is there anything i can do or should i just wait and it will finish??

2005-07-19, 10:08 AM
What client are you using?

robert a heinlein
2005-07-19, 10:45 AM
i dont know, i downloaded the u2 the audence experence without any problems, it took a few hours to transfer the file.

2005-07-19, 10:47 AM
You don't know what BitTorrent client you're using? :hmm:

robert a heinlein
2005-07-19, 10:53 AM
i know thats sounds lame but i am not sure what u mean by client. mp3 downloading p2p network ? is that it?

i want to thank u for replying to someone who is so obviously unaware of what they are even doing.

2005-07-19, 12:07 PM
He means the bit torrent application that you are using. Do you know which one you are using (Azureus, Bit Tornado, official Bit Torrent, etc.)?

robert a heinlein
2005-07-19, 12:41 PM
i dont know, how can i find out, when i look to see where i am downloading from i see all thoes names in the clients list and more also on the list of who is uploading from me i see many different names of clients but i dont know how to figure out who my client is.

i still see a lot of people uploading the file from me, is that possible causing it not to finish verifying?

other files have been sucessfully downloaded while this is happening

2005-07-19, 12:53 PM
When you double-click the torrent file to get it started, an application must come up and start running. Or, perhaps you drop that torrent file onto an application shortcut on your desktop. What is the name of that program that starts running?

Anyway, I would press Cancel or Stop for the show that is verifying for so long and then press Start again. Hopefully that will make it start its verifying again and this time it will get all the way through.

robert a heinlein
2005-07-19, 01:06 PM
the application that starts is called mp3downloading, i think i got it when i tryed kaza last december.
i have tried pausing and starting, if i cancil it wants to delete the download, i think i may try that but first copy the incomplete files to a new folder. i have tryed stoping the program and restarting my computer.