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2005-07-18, 11:32 AM
well im going out on a limb and asking for help... something i dont like doing..

have a cable modem with a static ip
i have set up the connection manually in my setteings
i have xp pro fully updated. the firewall with it is turned off..
i have a linksys nro41router with the latest firware fashed it my self
the correct ports are forwarded on it
motorola sb4200 with the latest firmware that i also flashed myself
i have the latest version of azureus and java
the nat checker on azureus says my ports are ok
web test say my ports are open when azureus is running

it says i am not conectable here
i do get the green light on azureus 95% of the time
and my connections are slow as hell. 1-3k average

although every once in a while it does bump up to 50 up 30 down but that has only happened a few times
nobody else is using bittorrent on my network..

so have i missed anything?? ive been working on this for months

thanks in advance

2005-07-18, 11:49 AM
it says i am not conectable here"What" gives you that message? Is it Azureus, The Traders Den, something else?

Also, please post a link to the show you're trying to download. It's possible there are no seeds or the one(s) that are there are uploading slowly or intermittently.

2005-07-18, 11:56 AM
Are you hoping onto a torrent with a lot of seeders and leechers or one with just one seeder and lots of leechers? It really makes a difference on what your speeds will be. Also, are you capping the upload speed in Azureus? You should cap it to about 80% of what your max upload could be. Also, are you trying to download just one torrent or several at a time?

2005-07-18, 12:26 PM
oops wrong forum... meant to do it on bootcity...

both bootcity and zombtracker will show if your connectable in there forums here are 2 that i am on


on azureus the nat checker always says ok

ive been on this torrent here


i actually had 1/4 of downloaded when i jumped on this tracker on the 5th of this month so it has been slow going

2005-07-18, 12:42 PM
i dont think capping my upload will helpit has maxed at 30 with out affecting my download speed... it usually hangs out at about 1-4 kup..

i do see a difference in the size of the swarm and how my download goes but even with 200 seeders and 100 leachers ive only gotten 5k down

right now im downloading several several torrent just becase i dont want to wait a month between new torrent.. aka ive tried one at a time. with a big swarm. not a difference..

i supposedly have a 1500down 256up connectio and speed tests on the net confirm it

2005-07-18, 01:27 PM
The 1500 down and 256 up convert to 187 down and 32 up in bittorrent terms (bt talks about speeds in terms of Bytes, whereas computer companies talk about it in terms of bits. 1 Byte = 8 bits)

If you get on many torrents at a time, you are not going to get as great a speed as if you did just a couple at a time and then moved on to a couple more. You are 'given' more data is you show that you are more likely to share. So, those who share their upload rate with the swarm will be given more to download. If you are on lots of torrents, then the upload you share with each torrent is going to be small and therefore they aren't going to share a whole lot with you.

An accurate NAT checker is here (http://btfaq.com/natcheck.pl). See what that says in terms of whether you are firewalled or not.

2005-07-19, 10:13 AM
well i passed the nat checker.i guess there is too much pink floyd on the net for me to download....

average upload speed with 10 torrent going(2seeding)4kb/s
aver up speed with 3 torrent going <2kb/s.

oh well i just guess ill have to wait for the files.

i really think it has something to do with location.. im in north dakota and my fastest connect ever was the roger wasters concert in bloomington minnesota..

i might be to far away from the rest of the world. i will take any other hintsya have though.

2005-07-19, 11:30 AM
If the NAT checker says you're not firewalled, then you're not. Your ISP may be severely limiting your speeds. What port are you using? Some ISPs have starrted limiting those ports, so you may want to try opening a different one. Try a really high one, like over 46000. Your speeds will probably pick up.

Remember to change the ports on your BT client and router...

2005-07-19, 12:31 PM
tried changing to a really high port.. has not helped

187 down 32 up... then i have maxed it out several times on the irc and the web