View Full Version : Bad trader: Steve or EJ Stevenson

2012-01-10, 08:05 PM
He's from Tom's River NJ
I traded with him at least twice in the past, all went smooth.
This time he contacted me around the end of September, we agreed on a 7 disc trade. I sent 9, he had picked some shows that were 2 DVDs and sent them as soon as I burned them.

As you know it is now January and I have not received anything.
Last time I got an email from him was November 4th, he was having burning issues with his PC. Said someone would go over to look at it, and then he would get back to me.

He hasn't.

I emailed him a few times asking to respond, no luck.

I will gladly remove this if/when he sends the shows he owes me.

As far as I know he is not a member here, I traded with him through Tapetrader.

2012-12-18, 02:04 PM
Update: Steve emailed and said he thought he had sent my DVDs, then realized he hadn't.
He asked what shows he owed me, I told him, he then said he burned them and asked for my address on July 13 2012
Month a half to two months later I hadn't received a thing. I emailed him one more time, to tell him that I had not received the discs, but received no reply.
I wrote him off.