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2011-12-04, 07:43 AM
beware of this guy:

Brett Hurdsman

Adelaide, South Australia 5091


We fixed a 5 DVD trade some weeks ago. He already has got my stuff. His answers concerning my stuff were strange.

First excuse was:

............I have done your disc's and shipped them, but I have this funny feeling that I didn't send to the right address

Second excuse:

I got your dvds Thursday last week, so I will get your stuff together in the
next few days, I have a couple of days off, so I will get it done, please
give me your address again so I can make double sure I send it correctly
this time, maybe also just give me the list again, so I can double check

Next excuse will be: ...i really donīt believe that germany exists. I will send your stuff to GOD!!

Only opportunity not being ripped: don`t send first!!

2011-12-04, 10:02 AM
what's his nickname here ?

2012-01-28, 03:15 AM

yesterday i have received 25 Australian Dollar (means 18,53€) via paypal from this guy. 5 Dollar for each DVD i have shipped. I have received money and not the DVds i ordered from him long time ago! Can anyone understand this behaviour? It`s contradicious!!

Ok- lessons learnt- don`t send first!

Not a bad trader- but indeed very very questionable!!!!

nice weekend

laffitteboogie59 aka Achim