View Full Version : What ever happened to...

2011-12-03, 09:02 PM
the "Show all users who completed this torrent" option/feature? I noticed it disappeared a while ago, but never posted. Any chance we can get this back?

Much thanks as always! :thumbsup:wave:


2011-12-04, 09:23 AM
It disappeared a long, long time ago. We got rid of it when we were getting band take down notices about once a month. I didn't want them to be able to see who had downloaded the shows from here and maybe decide to take any sort of action.

2011-12-04, 03:00 PM
That Lynne is a crafty one. :thumbsup

2011-12-04, 06:56 PM
keep no records
shred all the files

2011-12-04, 07:49 PM
This thread will self-destruct in...

2011-12-05, 12:40 AM

I never really looked at it that way. That is crafty. I thought of it as a list of people I could pester if my shit totally blew up. ;)