View Full Version : Burning a dual layer dvd - layer break question

2011-11-28, 12:42 PM
Excuse my ignorance on this subject, but I downloaded a show that is meant for a dual layer dvd, and im using imgburn and its asking me where i want to put the layer break. It gives me an option of "ignore layer break options" or "seamless" and "dont update ifo/bup files". Ive read up on it but am still kinda confused. Do i have to pick a place for a layer break? Wouldnt there already be a layer break authored?

2011-11-28, 10:41 PM
Depending on the software, it may not have authored a layer break. IMGburn should recommend a place to place the break. Just use the preview option to make sure you aren't placing it in the middle of a song. Seamless should only be a last resort, as not all players will support it.