View Full Version : Uploading help

2011-11-09, 09:56 PM
I have a new audience recorded show to upload. Have created the ffp file (its an audio torrent), and the torrent file through traders little helper.

Everytime I try to upload the torrent where it says upload attachment, it either wont take the file, or freezes, or crashes internet explorer.

Dont know what the problem is, have uploaded many torrents before and 2 different shows are not uploading to the site:hmm:

2011-11-10, 04:28 AM
Hi Jim, that sounds weird. Have you tried making another (new) torrent file and upload that one or have you tried using another brower (firefox or something instead of IE).

2011-11-10, 10:28 AM
I found a torrent for The Bangles uploaded by you. Perhaps it was uploaded and didn't let you know and was then causing issues. I've deleted it so you can try again.