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2011-10-30, 03:22 PM
Hello All:

This is my first post since I signed up a couple of weeks ago. Seems like a nice site. I made a selection that I couldn't find anywhere else and it has downloaded successfully. I logged in today to look about to see if there was anything new I wanted to listen to and noticed that my ratio does not show and amount on download or upload. As I am a firm believer in maintaining a good ratio I was wondering if my usage is actually being monitored? I was also wondering if there is a ban policy for not maintaining a good ratio. I am not a hit and run artist but I know there will be times that I will probably grab a recording and it will not seed back to at least 1 to 1 in a century. I most certainly don't want to get kicked off before I even get started. :)

2011-10-30, 06:37 PM
Have you listened to the show you say you downloaded 'successfully'?

Because the symptoms suggest you've downloaded the torrent file but haven't actually downloaded the show.......

2011-10-31, 03:19 AM
This site had no ratio requirements to stay active. You might get ridiculed a bit, or someone might block you from downloading from them, but you shouldn't have too much issue, unless you get really bad. Always better to keep a good ratio though...

I agree w/ the post above. It seems you did not start the torrent, you simply downloaded the torrent file. You need to double click on the torrent file, so that it activates the torrent in your torrent client. If you don't have a client, I recommend uTorrent.


If you still have troubles, look here:

2011-11-03, 09:01 AM
Hello and thanks for answering.

I actually use Tixati as my client. uTorrent became to bloated and the last version I had was actually not working well. I may have figured out what went wrong as now I recall I hit a magnet link on a different site for that particular download and used DHT to bring it in. Yes, I did listen to the show. It sounded like a show I wish I could have attended live. Unfortunately the recording equipment the person used to grab it was not very good or he was in a bad location as it is overall muddy sounding.

There area a couple of older video releases that I had years ago on VHS that I would like to get again so I will look about and see if they are already on the site. I will have to wait a few days to download anything as my ADSL seems to have gotten screwed up in all the recent rain we have had and over Independence week celebrations I can not get a serviceman out until sometime early next week. It is working but is slower that dial up in the old days.